So over the last week the Lucifer pilot leaked and it was great. They cast a perfect Lucifer, and all the skepticism I had from the trailer dwindled as the show went on. I can see this going a lot of places, and though I haven’t read the comics I know that they did a lot of setup in the pilot. Here’s the trailer below.


Update on blog

I have been wanting to get back to posting for a while now, and I just wanted to update both of my followers as to what has been happening. When I started this blog I had ample time, and no idea what to write now it’s kind of the opposite. Regardless I have, since I started this blog, fallen into the broke ass college kid category┬áthus haven’t been able to buy many games on my backlog (I still haven’t even played titanfall), moved twice, traveled multiple times, and still haven’t found steady income. Resulting in me losing a lot of the time I wanted to spend blogging. I wanted to do this blog as a way to speak my mind, but as you can probably guess, it hasn’t been going well. So there are a several things that I want to happen with this blog; I am going to start doing let’s play videos filled with lag, partly because the computer I have is crap, and partly because I’m tired of waiting to play my PC games and I think it’ll be funny. (Having said that feel free to join any Steam game I try to play my gamer tag is Lou410 though I’ll probably change it to lag free). I’m thinking about making videos of me reviewing games and comics, and posting them on here and YouTube. I will continue to talk about recent gaming/nerd news, but I will start reviewing shows by episode as well as full season thoughts. I will also be making a tumblr in conjunction to this blog. So be on the lookout for that. I will probably post Tuesdays (if I can) and Thursday’s. ┬áThat concludes these announcements.