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So over the last week the Lucifer pilot leaked and it was great. They cast a perfect Lucifer, and all the skepticism I had from the trailer dwindled as the show went on. I can see this going a lot of places, and though I haven’t read the comics I know that they did a lot of setup in the pilot. Here’s the trailer below.


The Flash Season 1

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I know I am a bit late, but with E3 around the corner I figure I should polish off the old blog and recap/ tell you my thoughts on the first season. IT WAS BALLS TO THE WALLS AWESOME!!!!! This is how T.V. shows end a season tying up the season while getting you excited for the next season without being a tease. (Spoilers) Eddie sacrifice being the most efficient way to write off the character. Iris finally being useful in the finale, which isn’t to say I don’t like the character, but she was just kind of there most of the season. This sets her up to be a real player come fall. The death of reverse flash is interesting, but I doubt it will actually stick reverse flash being so integral in the flash comics. I enjoyed the build up and execution of Grodd and firestorm. Grood being the one I was more exited for. My only downside is the way they treat bothe firestorm and caitlyn on the show not fleshing out their relationship enough. Or when it comes to Ronnie and firestorm the character at all. They barely brushed the surface of Ronnie’s power, but maybe they will do that more next season. Other than that this ┬áseason was excellent completely leaving astounding me almost every week. I attached a video I made to recap this whole first season

Constantine leak

So I just watched the new Constantine show and may I just say, as someone who hasn’t read the comics or seen the movie, it looks really good. A lot of people are criticizing casting and the way the actor portrays John, I however cannot testify to his portrayal as I have only hear him mentioned in the comics. I am not going to link the pilot episode(that’s what google is for), but I will show a trailer featuring Dr.Fate and possibly the phantom stranger. enjoy! Constantine is set to officially premier October, 24 2014